S&R Design and Décor was established in 2008 by two fashionably stylish friends with a penchant for interior decorating. We provide design and décor, staging, and room refurbishing services for residential and office spaces. At S&R Design and Décor we are motivated to push the possibilities of style, explore different techniques of staging, and to discover new ways to give the smallest or largest of spaces a needed make-over. S&R Design and Décor will synergize your ideas with our design expertise, bringing your personal space to life. Together we'll create a stunning visual showcase that exudes elegance, culture, and personality. We'll imprint a distinct touch so that you feel comfortable, calm, and confident in your space. Contact S&R Design and Décor to schedule a Consultation! We're open to your ideas, we respect your tastes, and we work with all investment levels. At S&R Design and Décor, when you give us an idea we'll give your space a story of it's own! 

Interior Designers
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RHONDA SUDLER is a native of Pennsylvania, was raised in New Jersey, and now resides in Georgia with her family. She credits her father, a retired Architecture Engineer and Seamster, for introducing her to the world of design and fashion. In 2008, what had long been a stirring interest, became a pursued passion when she and Natalie launched S&R Design and Décor! Rhonda says, “Natalie and I work together like hand-in-glove. We share a unique perspective on colors, patterns, fabrics, and style.” Rhonda is currently enrolled at Quality of Course, Inc. (Canada), completing requirements to become a Certified Interior Designer. “I look forward to collaborating with you!” -Rhonda

NATALIE RAMSEY is a native of Connecticut, was raised in New York, and now resides in Georgia with her family. She innately has an interest in all things fashion, fabric, prints, and palettes. In 2007, she began to dabble in designing and staging for friends and colleagues. A year later, she and Rhonda merged their talent and resources to launch S&R Design and Décor! Natalie says, “I want to educate clients to understand that the ambiance of your living or work space is a reflection of who you are, and affects how you feel.” Natalie is a Certified Interior Decorator (Georgia Perimeter College). “Allow me to create your special space!” -Natalie