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Rhonda Sudler is a native of Pennsylvania, raised in New Jersey, and she now resides in Georgia with her family. She credits her father, a retired Architecture Engineer and Seamster, for introducing her to the world of design. Watching her father, she was intrigued by seeing blueprints develop into reality. In 2008, her fuel and passion for Research and Design, allowed a "divine connection" to form when she met Natalie Ramsey. They launched S&R Design and Decor together. 


Rhonda adores working with Natalie to creatively exceed client's expectation. The goal of the company is to capture the client's personality through design. Rhonda and Natalie are excited about working with new clients as it is always another opportunity to bring another design to life. Rhonda says, “Natalie and I work together like hand-in-glove. We share a unique perspective on colors, patterns, fabrics, and style.” 


Rhonda is furthering her education with Certification to become a Certified Interior Designer attending the New York Institute of Art and Design. 

“I look forward to collaborating with you!”


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Natalie Ramsey is a native of Connecticut, was raised in New York.  She moved to Georgia in 1994 with her husband and her family soon followed.  She worked for Bell system and AT&T in the customer service department for 30 years, prior to her retirement.  Her knowledge of customer service enables her to give clients top-quality service with professionalism, honesty and integrity. Natalie always had an interest and a niche for design. She began designing for friends and family as a young girl.


In 2008 she met Rhonda at a design event. They at once formed an inseparable bond hence S & R Design and Decor was birthed. Two important things Natalie would like clients to understand…The atmosphere of your living or workspace reflects who you are and affect how you feel. Second, Interior design is affordable!


Natalie is a Certified Interior Decorator (Georgia Perimeter College) She is enrolled in NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center Milestone Mapping Program. Natalie is furthering her education with Certification to become a Certified Interior Designer attending the New York Institute of Art and Design.


“Let me work your investment to create an affordable design” -Natalie

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S&R Design and Decor was launched in 2008 by two friends with a raw talent for interior decorating. Our services include design and decor, renovating, refurbishing, and staging for residential and office spaces. At S&R Design and Decor we are motivated to push the possibilities of style. We transform our clients dreams and aspirations into functional, aesthetically pleasing and tranquil spaces. We love creating new ways to give the smallest spaces new character and large spaces life.


S&R Design and Decor will connect your ideas with our design expertise, bringing your vision to fruition. We collaborate with our clients to produce a design plan that reflect our clients and our plans fit all investment levels. At S&R Design and Decor, we deliver the "WOW" factor with integrity and honesty. When you give us an idea, we'll give your space a story of its own because we believe every home is an environment of LOVE.


Contact S&R Design and Decor to schedule a free consultation today! 



Your home is one of the most important investments that you will make. We will collaborate with you to create a design plan that you will love!  

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